LIBRO NUEVO, RECUERDA QUE EL 3% DE SU VENTA COLABORA CON LA FUNDACIÓN CULTIVA, LLEGARÁ A TU CASA ENTRE 6 Y 8 DÍAS HÁBILES. Through highly visual, step-by-step tutorials and inspiring profiles on some of the world's most successful crafters, Tu talent es tu negocio delivers all the advice and vision that today's crafters need to take their brand or business forward into a new realm. Step into the workspaces, shops and online personalities of those global designers and expert makers who have turned the art of craft —be it knitting, crochet, sewing, jewelry-making, paper engineering or printing —into a successful business model. Get top tips on how to merchandise and sell items online, at craft fairs, at markets, in shops or at pop-up events or exhibitions. Plus, learn how to build a personality-driven brand, create and write a better blog or website, document your work through better photography and analyze your results to help take your business into the future.

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