TAPA DURA , LIBRO USADO, RECUERDA QUE EL 10% DE ESTA VENTA COLABORA CON FUNDACIONES QUE FOMENTAN LA LECTURA EN ZONAS VULNERABLES. In the hands of a navy, it brings instant credibility and respect.In the hands of a diabolical terrorist, it could launch unspeakable horror.Admiral Arnold Morgan, the President's National Security Adviser, meets his greatest enemy yet. He is a shadowy figure, a former high-ranking SAS officer who is both brilliant and determined -- and the new leader of the most vicious terrorist group in the Middle East. Sponsored by rogue nations, the man formerly known as Major Ray Kerman embarks on a breathtaking plan to acquire a nuclear submarine, train a crew, sail the Pacific ... and bring the United States to its knees.The submarine is Barracuda 945, the ultimate weapon. A jet-black Russian nuclear hunter-killer, it runs deep, and its silence and speed are fearsome. It can stay submerged indefinitely and can fire landattack guided missiles from below the surface. Invisible to any pursuer, it is nearly impossible to track in the thousands of square miles of ocean water.Morgan valiantly marshals America's forces, nearly helpless in the face of an 8,000-ton nemesis they cannot detect, a nightmare of modern warfare.Patrick Robinson takes you into the heart of international terrorism with an explosive blend of military suspense, cutting-edge technology, current events, and superb storytelling. With Barracuda 945, Robinson is at his very best.

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