TAPA BLANDA , LIBRO USADO, RECUERDA QUE EL 10% DE ESTA VENTA COLABORA CON FUNDACIONES QUE FOMENTAN LA LECTURA EN ZONAS VULNERABLES. SERIAL KILLERS AREN`T MADE, THEY`RE BORN . . . It is well known among law enforcement personnel that murderers can be categorized as belonging to one of 25 levels of evil, from the naïve opportunists starting our at level 1 to the organized, pre-meditated torture-murderers who inhabit level 25. What almost no one knows except for the elite unnamed investigations group assigned to hunt down the world`s most dangerous killers, a group of men and women accountable to no government and accounted for in no official ledger is that a new category of killer is in the process of being defined. Only one man belongs to this group. HIS TARGETS: ANYONE. HIS METHODS: ANYTHING. HIS ALIAS: SQWEEGEL. HIS CLASSIFICATION: LEVEL 26

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