TAPA BLANDA, LIBRO USADO, RECUERDA QUE EL 10% DE ESTA VENTA COLABORA CON FUNDACIONES QUE FOMENTAN LA LECTURA EN ZONAS VULNERABLES. "More Human is a groundbreaking manifesto that ranges across many aspects of life-from food to government, the economy to health care-to argue that we need to redesign, reorganize, and reconsider our world in terms more suited to the way we truly, naturally, humanly are. It talks about how to make our institutions more human, our products and services more human, and even our buildings more human. Something's gone wrong with the way we're meant to organize our lives. Vast bureaucratic machines run government and our education system - the equivalent of factory-style mass production, except for intimate aspects of our lives such as our health and wellbeing. Cities were built based on how planners believed we should live, not how we actually would. Education systems were designed based on what we thought kids needed to learn, not what actually matters now and for the future. All these systems were developed in the 20th century, but they are outmoded now, cumbersome and impersonal. We need to replace these systems with something more human, where the people making decisions are closer to the people affected by them. In health care, our focus on "efficiency" undermines our goal of improving health. Hilton argues we need to put the "care" back in health care. Our food-industrial complex has made us sicker, and Hilton shows how we need to change our taxpayer-subsidized factory food system, and connect farmers with consumers more directly. We have become obsessed with child-protection at all costs, and as a result, have become blase; about the impact of technology on child development, and have neglected what children truly need: play. Steve Hilton argues brilliantly that a more human future is within our grasp if we have the courage to reach for it, legislate for it, and care for it. In the face of big government, big business, big banks, and big tech stands one inexorable opponent: a single human, ready to argue his case"--

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